Sometimes I travel to do photo shoots and this time my destination was Helsingborg in Sweden at The Vault. 

The main reason for choosing this Hotel, was mainly due to the fact that they have some really nice and beautiful rooms, plus the Hotel itself is amazing. I had two fantastic days at The Vault , and I even had some spare time to relax and have some fun:-) with some great food, excellent drinks and friendly service. 

Go and visit


©HABIT Magazine

Some time ago I was contacted by ©HABIT Magazine. They asked me if i wanted to be in their Spring editions and I said yes! It took a while for me to deside what pictures to go with, but I finally decided to use some pictures from a closed down factory shoot (Nudes). The pictures are a bit dark and mysterious, because at this shoot, there was a lot of focus on shadows and lightning. I think the pictures looks amazing and I hope the readers of ©HABIT Magazine agree.

Below you can see one of them, and many more are inside the Magazine. I'll drop a link, if you want to see more. 



I recently received a message from a guy who has an IG account called @you_got_arted.

He wanted to know if he could use one of my photos and turn it into abstract art. I have to say that I get a lot of questions like this, so I was a bit sceptical about it, but at the end I thought well lets try it!

He sent me the picture he had choosen and I sent it to him in a high resolution. After a few days I recieved the artwork he had created and the result was absolutely stunning - he had really nailed it. The picture was so amazing that I wanted him to do another one.

I couldn't really make up my mind about which photo I should choose and after some days I finally sent him the one I had choosen .

After a short period of time I got the result back from him and once again I was blown away - It was just as amazing as the first one and I simply love both of them! You can see both pictures in a small version right here: 


I would like to send a huge shoutout to this amazing artist and recommend him to all who wants a personalized piece of art.


A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the danish magazine They wanted to do another interview about what has happend since our last one. I really like doing things like this and the people at are just awesome!

Click here to read the interview


"One of's most popular articles ever was with the 39-year-old beauty Gitte Von G from Denmark. Now we have visited her again for an update"



I simply can't say this enough! 

I really appreciate all your comments and DM's on Instagram and Twitter. I just love reading all of them.

Sadly I don't have enough time to answer all of your DM's but I do read all of them and in some cases I also reply when my time allowes it. 

I wish you a lovely day 💋💋💋


Hi There 

This is my personal blog and here you will find stories and pictures from different photo shoots/events, that I have been involved in and stories from my daily life. 

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Had a great day shooting pictures with an amazing photografer. We did the photo shoot in an old closed factory in Næstved in Denmark. It was extremely cold that day and with very little or no clothes on it can be a bit challenging to look comfortable and relaxed.   


A day with Lasse Lagoni and @Mandagsbooty at the night club 
High Voltage in Copenhagen, Denmark.


The day was all about interacting with all of M! followers, so I got access to their SNAP account,
and was able to post videos and pictures for a whole day.
These pictures was done as a promotion and I must however admit it was a bit cold :-) 


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